How to Know If Your Truck Has a GPS Tracker

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If your work takes you on the road and you think that your boss might be keeping tabs on you with a GPS, then you might want to know to find out if your truck has a GPS tracker. These little devices can send out all sorts of information including, your location, speed, altitude and even how long you have been at a stop. Here's a way to keep that information to yourself.


Step 1

Perform a visual search. Active GPS systems work by transmitting a signal to a satellite, and through this signal you can use a bug detector to find it. However, not all GPS units actively transmit. There are also passive systems whose data is recorded in the device and downloaded manually. A visual search is your only means of finding these, and your search may turn up an active unit as well, saving you the cost of a bug detector. GPS units are usually installed on the undercarriage of the truck or beneath the seat. In some cases they may be hidden in the dashboard. You will be looking for a small black device that is about the size and shape of a deck of cards.


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Step 2

If you find nothing in Step 1, then get a GPS bug detector. Buy these devices at any spy and gadget device store or on eBay. You can expect to pay several hundred dollars. You might consider the Spy Matrix Pro or the Spy Hawk Pro, but there are many available to fit your needs and budget.

Step 3

Perform a bug sweep. Using your bug detector, it's quite simple to find a GPS. Turn on the device and it will scan the frequencies that a GPS uses to transmit. Move the detector through the inside and outside of your vehicle. It should pick up any signals within 20-30 feet. It will signal you by beeping, flashing a red light or vibrating. The closer that you get to the bug, the more intensely it will do these things.


Step 4

Repeat Step 3 several times during the day if it comes up empty. Not all GPS units transmit constantly. Some semi-passive systems only transmit at regular intervals of as long as 30 minutes.