How to Limit a WiFi Signal

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Wi-Fi thieves are people who use your personal wireless Internet connection without your permission. When you install a wireless Internet router in your home, the signal is broadcast all over the surrounding area. This area may include part of the home's exterior areas and yard. This is where neighbors or other strangers can log in to your network and take up your bandwidth. Crafty users can even access any personal information you send over your network. Limiting your Wi-Fi signal prevents these people from accessing your Wi-Fi.


Step 1

Place the router as close to the center of your home as you can. The signal emanates outward in a circle, so putting it in the center contains as much of the radius as possible inside your home.

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Step 2

Surround your router with dense material including concrete or stone. Large bricks can be purchased at most garden supply stores. These materials dampen the Wi-Fi signal. Leave space so that the Wi-Fi signal can reach your computer and other devices.


Step 3

Open your browser and enter the address associated with your router's manufacturer. It can be found at the Microsoft Wi-Fi Setup support page (see Resources). Log in with the associated username and password to access your router's settings. Access the advanced wireless settings and decrease your router's power input. This option may not be available on all routers. Decrease the input to a lower number within the specified range and save the settings to decrease the signal.



Step 4

Replace the router's normal antennae with directional antennae from a computer electronics store. The antenna on your router should screw off, and the new antennae can be screwed on in their place. These antennae focus the signal into a specific direction, so your Wi-Fi will only go where you want it to go.



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