How to Setup a Wi-Fi Repeater

By Quinten Plummer

Wi-fi repeaters receive the radio signals sent from your wireless router and broadcasts them to computers in a local setup. Repeaters can even boost signals weakened by walls and other obstructions. Power supplied to the repeater allows the devices to amplify the signal and rebroadcast it--expanding the range of your network. Use the steps in this guide to set up your repeater.

Things You'll Need

  • Ethernet cable
  • Installation CD

Step 1

Begin by testing your router. Verify that it is broadcasting a healthy signal--if there are problems here then there will be problems at the repeater.

Step 2

Connect the power adpater into the repeater--insert the pin head into the repeater and the plug into a wall outlet. Plug the ethernet cable into the ethernet port near the power port on the back of the repeater. Plug the other end of the ethernet cable into an open ethernet port on the wireless router.

Step 3

Turn on the repeater and insert the product's installation disk into the computer. Follow the prompts on the screen. Installation procedures vary between manufactures. Consult your manual for specific instructions on the software installation. After completion, disconnect the repeater--both power and ethernet cable.

Step 4

Position the access point at the halfway point between your router and the computer that is furthest away from the signal. The repeater will only double the range of the original signal, so keep all of your computers in its range. Connect the power cable and power the repeater on. You should receive confirmation of a signal with a lit up "WLAN" light.

Step 5

Use a wireless device to test your network's connection. You may need your network key--your networks alphanumeric password--to connect to the network. Open a web browser and attempt to surf.