How to List the File Size in Gigabytes in AIX

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The AIX operating system, released by IBM operates on the UNIX architecture, runs the full suite of standard UNIX and Linux commands. You already be familiar with using the "ls" command on your computer to display the contents of a directory. This command lists files and displays their size in bytes. This is not useful for larger files, so you will need to modify the command's syntax to print in gigabytes.


Step 1

Log in to your system if you have not already. Double-click the "Terminal" icon from the Common Desktop Environment.

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Step 2

Type "cd /path/to/location", without quotes. Change "/path/to/location" to the path to the directory that contains your files.


Step 3

Type "ls -h G", without quotation marks, and then press "Enter." Your files will be listed with their size printed in gigabytes.





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