How to Find a File in Centos

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Community Enterprise Operating System, abbreviated as "CentOS," is a Linux-type freely distributed operating system. While working on a CentOS computer, a user often needs to locate a particular file or a group of files having common attributes -- the same extension, for example. CentOS offers the command "find" that allows you to efficiently look for files on your hard drive.


Step 1

Click on the button "terminal" on the CentOS desktop to open the Linux command prompt window.

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Step 2

Type the command "find -name tables.txt" and press "Enter" to start searching a file. In this example, you search the file "tables.txt."


Step 3

Use an asterisk () in the file name as a wild-card character to search for multiple files or if you do not know the exact name. For example, the command "find -n tables." finds all files with the name "tables" and any extension such as files "tables.txt", "tables.doc" or tables.xls."



Step 4

Read the command output that is the list of found files with the full directory path. If no files are found, the command produces no output.



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