How to Convert DMG to ISO in Ubuntu

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ISO files are usually burned to CD.
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Ubuntu, a free Linux-based operating system, gives users the flexibility to interact directly with the operating system using Terminal. DMG files are the disc image files most commonly used with the Mac operating system, while ISO files are the most common disc image files used in Linux and Windows. DMG files cannot be read in Ubuntu, but they can be converted into ISO files using Terminal and the bundled disc burning utility Brasero.


Step 1

Click "Applications," select "Accessories" and click "Terminal."

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Step 2

Entering the following command into the Terminal window, replacing the word "example" with the name of the DMG file:


dmg2img /path/to/example.dmg /path/to/example.img

Do not mount the file if asked.

Step 3

Type the following commands into the Terminal window to mount the IMG file, and press "Enter" after each one:


sudo mkdir /media/example

sudo modprobe hfsplus


sudo mount -t hfsplus -o loop example.img /media/example


Replace the word "example" in the commands with the name of your file.

Step 4

Click "Applications," select "Sound & Video" and click "Brasero." Select "Data Disk" from the window. In the View menu, select "Enable Side Panel."


Step 5

Locating the name of the file in the side panel of Brasero and press "Burn." Select "Image File" as the type of output. Press "Burn" again to create the ISO file.



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