How to Log In to a Swann DVR for DHCP Access

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Connecting the DVR for your Swann security system to your local network via DHCP is the key to being able to check up on your home from any computer on the network. By configuring port forwarding for the DVR on your router, you can further extend this capability, making it possible to view the footage on the DVR from any computer over the Internet.


Step 1

Connect the DVR to your router via an Ethernet cable.

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Step 2

Press the Menu button on your DVR or DVR remote and select "Network & Internet."

Step 3

Set the "Network Type" option to "DHCP." The DVR will provide you with an IP address for the DVR -- copy this number for later steps and in-network viewing.


Step 4

Return to the "Network & Internet" menu and select "Web Services Port" from under "Service Port & DDNS." This will display the port number, which by default is 80. Copy down this port number as well.

Step 5

Open a Web browser and enter the default gateway to your router. While yours may differ, most routers use "," "" or "" as the default gateway.


Step 6

Log in to the router's administrator controls.

Step 7

Access the router's port forwarding menu. The exact location of this menu varies from one manufacturer to the next; consult your owner's manual for detailed instructions.



Step 8

Create a port or virtual server rule and name it DVR1. Again, exact steps and terminology vary; consult your owner's manual for details.

Step 9

Set the target IP to the IP address provided by the DVR, and set the port number to the number determined by the DVR, which by default is usually 80.


Step 10

Save and apply the port rule. This should begin port forwarding for your DVR.

Step 11

Enter your Internet IP address when online to remotely log in to the DVR. To get your IP address, go to an IP look-up service like What Is My IP.

Step 12

Follow the on-screen prompts to begin downloading the DVR remote viewer and log in to your DVR.

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