How to Look at the YouTube History on Mobile

By Cee Jay

YouTube automatically stores the history of every video you view online. From the mobile website, this information is listed in your account settings, but it can also be seen using the YouTube app, which was made available to mobile devices in 2007. Accessing your viewing history will vary depending on the type of phone you have.

Things You'll Need

  • YouTube app
  • Mobile Web browser

App History

Step 1

Press the YouTube icon on your cellphone.

Step 2

Tap "More," in the bottom right corner.

Step 3

Tap "History." The results may take a while to load if you are on Edge or a slow Wi-Fi connection.

Web History

Step 1

Type "" in your phone's Web browser.

Step 2

Sign in with your username and password and click "Sign In."

Step 3

Click your name in the upper right corner and select "Settings."

Step 4

Click the "My Videos & Playlists" link near the top of the page.

Step 5

Click "History" on the left side of the screen. Your viewing history will display in random order, with the option to add or clear specific videos.

Tips & Warnings

  • On mobile phones, it is usually necessary to log in before viewing your history or favorites. Log out of the app after each session to keep your history private.