How to Make a Barcode in Photoshop

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If you ever do graphics design work in which you have manufactured items and containers in the scene, you may decide you need to create a barcode (UPC) on one of the items. But you don't want to cut and paste a real one, since this could get you into trouble with the company. So you need to create a fake one that looks like the real thing. Photoshop can help you do this.


Step 1

Open Photoshop. Go to "File" and click "New." Make the size settings whatever you like. Then go to the Layer panel and click on the "New Layer" icon.

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Step 2

Go to the Toolbar, then the "Shapes" tool, and select "Line." Hold down the shift key and draw one short line.


Step 3

Now go to "Filter" and select "Noise," and click "Add Noise." Make the "Amount" setting 110.

Step 4

Go to "Edit," then "Transform," and click on "Scale." Then drag up the middle handle to raise the height to get the bars part of your barcode.


Step 5

Go to the Toolbar, and under the bars, type in a series of random numbers to serve as your barcode numbers.

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