How to Make a Desktop Screen Larger

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You can make your screen appear larger than it actually is by changing a few settings.

If your desktop is feeling small and cramped, or you have trouble reading the tiny font, changing the settings on your computer will allow you to create bigger, easier-to-read icons or smaller icons that give you more space. Find a perfect balance between these two needs and create a clutter-free, spacious desktop. You'll enjoy the extra desktop space without spending a dime on a new monitor.


Step 1

Right-click on your desktop and choose "Graphics Properties" from the menu that opens. Choose "Display Settings" and change the resolution to a larger size. If your computer is already set to the largest size, you won't see any change. A smaller computer may show some stretching when this is applied.


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Step 2

Right-click the desktop and choose "Properties" instead of "Graphic Properties." Here you can alter the size of several items on the desktop. If you do not have a large monitor, this will make the desktop screen appear bigger.

Step 3

Choose the "Appearance" tab and change "Font Size" to a larger setting, such as "Large" or "Extra Large." Click "Apply" and the changes should appear on the desktop. To change the size of the icons themselves, click "Advanced" and under the "Item" menu choose "Icons." The "Size" box beside it allows you to choose an icon size.



Instead of choosing "Advanced," another option is to click the "Effects" tab above it and check the box beside "Use large icons." This method is faster but does not allow you to choose a specific size.

Step 4

Change the icons and font to a smaller size if you want to make the computer screen appear larger than it is and are not looking to simply make on-screen items appear bigger. Making items smaller creates the illusion of a larger desktop. Making them bigger allows you to read them more clearly, which is one common reason you might want a larger desktop screen.




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