How to Make Your Computer Screen Smaller

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The bigger the icons and text are on your computer screen, the better you can see and read them. The smaller the icons and text are, the more that will fit on your screen without everything looking crowded. Making your computer screen smaller or larger is just a matter of adjusting the screen resolution. This is just a preference within the Windows operating system that can be adjusted at any time.


Step 1

Right-click on a blank area of your desktop.

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Step 2

Select "Screen Resolution."

Step 3

Select the "Screen Resolution" drop-down menu and adjust the slider bar up or down to control the resolution for your display. Click "Apply."



Step 4

Windows will show you a preview of the new settings. Click "Revert" if you would like to adjust the settings to something else. Select "Keep Changes" if you want to keep the settings that you just added.




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