How to Make a Devil Face Through a Text Message

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Keypads have letters and symbols for text messaging.

The widespread adoption of text messaging has led to the creation of drawings and codes that succinctly express moods and abbreviate common words. This is why text messaging sometimes seems to have its own language. Take for example the following question: "R U BZ?" While in standard English this complete sentence would be "Are you busy?" it is truncated to four letters for a text message. Similarly, text messages use many smiley faces, frowns and a variety of other emoticons. But with so many emoticons and codes, it's hard to keep up with them all.


Step 1

Ensure you understand your cellphone's keypad format. Generally cellphones come with either a QWERTY-formatted keyboard, like a computer would, or a regular nine-digit keypad with the standard touch tone association between each number and letters of the alphabet. To successfully create a devil face emoticon you must use the number and symbol functions of the keypad.


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Step 2

Enter the following symbols in consecutive order as part of your text message: "3"; followed by ":" (a colon); and ")" (a right parenthesis). Depending on your keyboard, you may need to use a "Shift" or "Alternative" key to access the colon and right parenthesis symbols. The presence of the number three represents the horns of a devil, and is really the character that distinguishes this emoticon from a regular smiley face. For example: "OMG I just told her. 3:)"



Step 3

Send the text message to your recipient. If you have access to more than one cellphone through a spouse or good friend, send them a test message with the devil's face emoticon and see how it is rendered on their phone.



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