How to Make a PKG File for the PS3

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Custom package (PKG) files for the Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) can be used after the introduction of custom firmware on the PS3. Package files are often applications or games. After they are installed onto the PS3, an icon that directs the user to the application appears on the PS3 menu; selecting the icon will start the application. If you are a developer and have all of the raw files needed to build a PKG, this is how you can complete the process.


Step 1

Download and install PS3 Package GUI and Microsoft's .NET Framework. The PKG builder cannot work without .NET Framework.

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Step 2

Open PS3 Package GUI on the computer on which it was installed and open a file browser.


Step 3

Highlight all the files from which the PKG file is being built.

Step 4

Click "Copy" and right-click the folder that will be holding the files. Click "Paste" to add the files to the dedicated folder.



Step 5

Click and drag the folder that has the files that will be built into a PKG file into the "Content Directory" space of the PS3 Package GUI menu.

Step 6

Click "Make PKG"; the PKG file will be created using the raw data in the folder that was added to PS3 Package GUI. The PKG file is written to the folder that was added to the PS3 Package GUI.

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