How to Make Borders Bold in Excel

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Microsoft Excel allows you to add borders around a cell or groups of cells to visually separate data values. By default, Excel uses a thin, black border, but allows you to select from various styles. By choosing a thicker, solid line, the border adopts a bold effect. This formatting option is available via the "Format Cells} window, which allows you to select the border type, color and position.


Step 1

Open Microsoft Excel.

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Step 2

Click and drag your mouse pointer around the group of cells that will use the bold border.

Step 3

Right-click any selected cell and choose "Format Cells."


Step 4

Click the "Border" tab.

Step 5

Click the thick, bold line, located in the "Style" section.


Step 6

Click "Outline" under the Presets group to encase the selected cells in a border. For other border positions, click the corresponding position from the Border section, such as a top, buttom, left or right side border.

Step 7

Click "OK."

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