How to Make Business Cards in Excel

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How to Make Business Cards in Excel
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It is important to be able to quickly communicate your contact information to a business associate or client. A business card is the perfect thing to hand to them. But, what if the local printer is just too expensive? For a quick business card that gives you a neat appearance, try using a template in Microsoft Excel.


Step 1

Open a new workbook in Excel and save as a template.

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Step 2

Make a design area on the worksheet; a page-sized area works nicely. Clear away the gridlines by formatting the background white. Select the whole area you want and then right click in the selected area, select 'Format' from the menu and click the 'Fill' tab. Choose white for the color.


Step 3

Make a card. Select 9 to 20 rows and 5 to 7 columns to make a rectangular business card. The size depends on how much information and graphics you want on the card. Format the area to make the border black.

Step 4

Enter your business and personal information. In the business area, type your enterprise name. Click in the row and column you want the text and type. You can add any business slogan or motto right below it. Then, type your name followed by your title, your office number, phone, fax and e-mail. If the location is different than the business address, type your location.


Step 5

Format the fonts. Choose a font for your business name and information. Choose distinct fonts for the slogan and personal name and information. Select a font from the pull-down list under 'Tools' and choose a size. If you prefer colored type, format the text in the color you want.



Step 6

Add a business logo and graphics. Insert a picture or graphics file with your business logo into the card. Select 'Insert' from the menu and then choose 'Picture.' Right click the picture to format the right size and surround with a thin border. You can select any color you want for the border.


Step 7

If you want your image on the card, add your photo. Insert a picture file with your photograph in the card area.

Step 8

Print the card. Stock the printer with card stock in your chosen color. Print in black and white, or in color. After you cut out the card from the stock, place the card in your wallet so you can carry one with you.




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