How to Make Ringtones Sound Louder

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Make your ringtone louder in a few steps

Sometimes, it's so loud around you that you can't hear your cell phone ring. Most phones have several volume options, but if you're phone is at the loudest level -- and still isn't loud enough -- you're going to have to alter the ringtone itself. This is relatively easy to do. Once you figure it out, you'll be able to create your own ringtones as loud as you want.


Step 1

Go to and download Audacity. It's a free sound recorder with enough options to allow you to increase the volume on your ringtone. If you have an advanced audio editor already installed, you can skip this step. You can also choose any other audio editor, but this is a free option.


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Step 2

Plug your USB cable into your cell phone, and plug the other end into the USB cable on your computer. Go to "My Computer" and select your device's folder. It will be listed under "Devices With Removable Storage." If your ringtone file is already on your computer, you can skip this step. This is just to get your ringtone back on to your computer.


Step 3

Open the folder where your ringtone is located on your device, and click and drag it onto the desktop.

Step 4

Open Audacity.

Step 5

Go to "File." Click on "Open," and click on your ringtone. Your ringtone will now be loaded into Audacity's editing system.


Step 6

Look at the left side of Audacity for the "Gain Slider." This slider will allow you to increase and decrease the volume on your song.

Step 7

Make your ringtone as loud as you would like, and press play to sample it and see if you like how it sounds.


Step 8

Save your file when you're done, open the "File" menu. Choose to export your file as an MP3. If you can't "Export as MP3," you need to download the Lame MP3 plug-in from Audacity.

Step 9

Click on your new ringtone and drag it into your phone's folder. If you want to transfer your ringtone to your phone another way -- such as email, text message or Bluetooth) -- you can.


Step 10

Remove your cell phone from your computer by clicking on the "Safely Remove Hardware" icon on the bottom-right of your desktop's toolbar. Choose to remove your device from the list, and you can now unplug the USB cable from the computer.

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