How to Make Road Runner My Home Page

By Paul Higgins

Learn how to change your default home page to Time Warner Cable's website -- the new name of Road Runner High Speed Online.

Changing your default home page to the official website of Time Warner Cable -- the parent company of the discontinued Road Runner High Speed Online brand -- gives you convenient access to your webmail and account management interface every time you launch your browser. Select an alternate home page in one of the three major browsers under Windows 7 and 8 -- Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer -- by editing the browser's options.

Mozilla Firefox

Change Firefox's default home page by visiting the Time Warner Cable website in a new tab and dragging that tab to the Home icon in your toolbar. Click Yes to confirm your new home page.


  • To restore the default Firefox home page, select Options from the Firefox menu. Click Restore to Default in the General tab.
  • To re-open tabs that were open when you last closed the browser, rather than set a specific home page, select Show My Windows and Tabs From Last Time from the drop-down menu in the General tab of the Options window. If you select that option, you can still access Time Warner Cable's website by clicking the Home icon in your toolbar.

Google Chrome

Setting the Startup Page

Step 1

Open the Chrome menu and select Options. In the section where you choose what the browser does On Startup, select Open a Specific Page or Set of Pages and click Set Pages.

Chrome Options page with Set Pages highlighted.

Step 2

Enter in the field and click OK to set your startup page to Time Warner Cable's home page.

Startup Pages pop-up window with Time Warner Cable's URL in the Add a New Page field.


Instead of a single Web page, Chrome can open multiple pages -- each in its own tab -- upon launch. To do so, enter multiple addresses in the Add a New Page field while pressing Enter after each one.

Setting the Home Page

Step 1

Select Options from the Chrome menu and tick the check box next to Show Home Button to display the Home icon in your toolbar. Click Change to edit the default home page.

Chrome Options page with Show Home Button enabled and Change link highlighted.


By default, Chrome does not display the Home button. Once enabled, that button appears in your toolbar, to the left of the address bar.

Step 2

Select Open This Page and enter in the field. Click OK to save your changes.

Home Page pop-up window with Open This Page selected and address field highlighted.

Chrome lets you set both a custom startup page and a home page. While the startup page is the page Chrome automatically displays upon launching the browser, the home page is the one that opens when you click the Home icon in your toolbar.

Internet Explorer

Edit your default Internet Explorer home page by opening the Tools menu and selecting Internet Options. Enter under Home Page in the General tab and confirm your new home page by clicking OK.

Internet Options window with entered in the Home Page field.


Enter multiple Web addresses -- each on its own line -- if you want Internet Explorer to open multiple home pages upon launch.