How to Make Sims 2 Run Faster

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Sims 2 is a simulation game for computers that is considered a vast improvement over the original Sims game from Maxis, which had far fewer capabilities and wasn't nearly as graphically attractive. However, with additional neighborhoods and better graphics, many Sims 2 fanatics will find that the game loads more slowly and doesn't respond as quickly to commands. If you'd like to make your copy of Sims 2 run faster, there are a few things you can try.


Step 1

Close all background programs. If you're running Sims 2 at the same time you're running a web browser and a word processing programs, Sims 2 will run much slower. To boost speed, close out all background programs when you want to play, then re-open them when you are finished.

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Step 2

Boost computer memory. Although the minimum requirement for Sims 2 is 256 MB RAM with Windows XP, the game will run much faster with 512 MB or 1 GIG. You can purchase additional memory at your local electronics store.


Step 3

Restart your computer. In some cases, Sims 2 will run faster if your computer has just been booted up. Turn off your computer and let it sit for 15-30 seconds, then restart it and play the game.

Step 4

Eliminate shadows. The performance options on Sims 2 include shadows, which use extra memory and may slow down running time. If you're having extremely slow response, turn off the shadows entirely, or put them on their minimum setting.



Step 5

Reduce the total detail to "Low". Detail is the level of clarity you see when you're playing Sims 2, and high detail means that your game is probably going to run much more slowly. By reducing the level of detail, you reduce the workload on your computer.

Step 6

Clean the CD or DVD. If your copy of Sims 2 is scratched or covered with dust, it will cause problems with running, and may cause the game to "stick". Cleaning it with a soft white rag and CD cleaner will help to ensure the game runs smoothly.




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