How to Make Text Fill a Shape in InDesign

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Adobe InDesign is a desktop publishing program that allows users to create their own custom page layouts using a variety of built-in tools. Using InDesign, you can create a lot of interesting typography pieces. Rather than placing your text in a boring, square text box, put the text in an unconventional shape. Use this technique to add visual appeal to a project or spruce up an otherwise boring page layout.


Step 1

Open a new or existing InDesign project and select a drawing tool such as the pencil or the rectangle box. The pencil allows you to draw your own images and the rectangle tool allows you to choose from common shapes such as circles and square boxes.

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Step 2

Click on the "Type" tool to activate the typing function. Set your desired font, font size, kerning and other desired text settings.


Step 3

Click inside the custom shape you just drew and start typing. As you type, the text will automatically conform to the shape you drew. If you don't want to type out your text, simply copy and paste it into the shape.





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