How to Mirror Flip in MS Paint

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Microsoft Paint is a standard program on most PCs, including those with Windows 7. The program lets you complete several basic edits to your photos, including resizing, adding text and rotate the angle at which you view the photograph. Creating a mirror image of your original file is also easily achieved. Save the mirror image under a new file name, so that you still have a copy of the original photograph in case you need it.


Step 1

Open Microsoft Paint on your computer and click on the blue tab in the top left corner of the window to locate your image.

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Step 2

Click the "Open" icon. Paint directs you to a window showing the Pictures folder on your computer hard drive. Click once on a file and click "Open" to view the file in Paint.


Step 3

Go to the Home tab at the top of paint. Click on the "Rotate" icon, located in the Image group.


Step 4

Click "Flip Horizontal." Your photo is reversed, showing the mirror image of the original file. Click the purple disk in the upper left corner of the Paint window to save a copy of the mirror image.




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