How to buy Best Buy Returns for Resell (Wholesale)

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Best Buy customer returns can be purchased wholesale directly from liquidation centers. These returns are highly sought after because of their perceived quality. These are some resources to help you find discounted Best Buy electronic returns.


Step 1

Make a list of the items that your business will buy. These items may be unique and new to your business, or they may complement other items. Purchase Best Buy returned items that fit into the demographic your business is selling to.

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Step 2

Purchase electronics from Best Buy customer returns and perform a price analysis. Decide how much you will be able to realistically charge for these items. Before buying electronic lots, make sure that your purchase price will allow for a profit after resell.


Step 3

Find out from the liquidator how many items are in the lot; the item names, the item quantities and their original price. Know how many good items are in the lot and how many salvage items. Best Buy returns are considered high quality; however even with these items you should use care.


Step 4

Find Best Buy customer returns for resell at liquidation centers such as, Genco and has won best customer award from Best Buy in the past.




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