What Is a Certified Refurbished Product?

By Grace Snoke

Often, refurbished products can be found for sale on a company's official website or in a store. However, those marked as certified refurbished products give purchasers peace of mind when they purchase it.


Certified refurbished products are products that have been pre-owned and returned to the company that produced them for any number of reasons. These products are inspected and, if necessary, repaired before being sold at a reduced rate. Products are certified to be in full working order but may have cosmetic defects, such as scratches or dings. Each company has a different list of what they check for before they sell a refurbished item. Check their website for specifics on what they verify before they resell the item.


Some certified refurbished products have limited warranties, while others have the warranty remaining on it as if it was purchased new. Each company has a different policy regarding warranties on refurbished products. This information can be found on each company's website.

Where to Purchase

Certified refurbished products often are available on a first come, first purchase basis through their official website. Other companies send them back to retail stores to sell. If you are interested in purchasing a certified refurbished product, check the official website first, then check out retail stores where they may be carried.