How to Move My Task Bar to Another Monitor

Many users set up multiple monitors on their computer that they can have room for more windows and panels on their screen. Using multiple monitors allows you to exercise greater control over how and where you navigate Windows. You can move just the task bar to another monitor; you can also move the entire desktop, including the task bar and icons, to a secondary display.

Multiple computer monitors are popular for video editing.

Move the Task Bar

Step 1

Right-click on the task bar. Click to un-check the "Lock the Taskbar" menu item, if it has a check mark next to it.

Step 2

Click and hold on the task bar. Drag it over to the second monitor and position it on the screen. It will snap to the closest edge of the screen.

Step 3

Release the mouse button to place the task bar. Right-click the task bar and click on "Lock the Task Bar" to lock the task bar again.

Move the Desktop

Step 1

Open the "Start" menu, found in the bottom-left corner of your task bar. Select "Control Panel."

Step 2

Double-click on the "Display Properties" icon. The Display Properties tool will pop up. Click the "Settings" tab.

Step 3

Check the box for "Use this device as the primary monitor" next to the monitor you would like your desktop to appear on.

Step 4

Restart your computer. The task bar and the rest of your desktop will now appear on the monitor you chose.


If your task bar doesn't switch to the appropriate monitor, Microsoft Support suggests unchecking and rechecking the "Extend my Windows desktop to this monitor" box.