How to Normalize Volume When Burning an Audio CD

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If the music files you wish to burn were acquired from different sources, there's a good chance they were recorded with different volume levels and will thus play at varying volume levels. As an example, you could have one song playing softly and the next could be deafeningly loud, even if you haven't changed your player's volume. When you burn these songs, the volume levels persist unless you normalize them, which makes each song play at an equivalent volume. Burning normalized audio CDs does not require additional software, as Windows 7 includes these features in Windows Media Player.


Step 1

Open Windows Media Player and insert a blank CD-R into your burner.

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Step 2

Click the top right "Burn" tab.

Step 3

Click the small arrow just under and to the right of the Burn tab and select "More Burn Options."


Step 4

Check "Apply Volume Leveling Across Tracks" in the Audio CDs section and click "OK."

Step 5

Drag your music files from the middle library pane and drop them onto the right-hand Burn pane. Continue until you have compiled the list of songs you want burned. You can rearrange files in the Burn tab by dragging and dropping them to another position in the list. You can also right-click a file and select "Remove from List" to remove it.


Step 6

Click "Start Burn" to burn your normalized audio CD.




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