How to Open a Cable Box

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A cable termination tool affords you access to the cable box

You've seen that little box outside your house and wondered just how to get in there. If you're having issues with your cable reception, it's often necessary to open up your cable box and find out if there's a loose wire. With a few tools and some ingenuity you can pop it open and get to the root of why you're signal is a little fuzzy.


Step 1

Visit a satellite supply store or a website that sells satellite repair tools and pick up what's known as a cable termination tool. They generally cost no more than $25.

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Step 2

Find your cable box. It's usually located right next to the wattage meter for your house, and will have the name of whatever cable company you use on it.


Step 3

Pop the tool into the lock and twist. The lock should pop right out. Opening the box is not illegal as long as you're not planning to use a descrambler to acquire free cable or additional channels.




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