How to Open Bad Zip Files

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Open Zip files onto your computer.

Bad Zip files occur when a file is not compressed properly (such as the file is not allowed to compress completely before the process is halted). This causes an inoperable file. However, if the file is made up of several different files (if multiple files are compressed together in a single folder), it is possible to extract the correct files from the bad Zip file. However, if it is a single file you need to retrieve, the only way to correct the issue is by downloading the file again.


Step 1

Locate the bad Zip file on the computer. The file location can vary depending on the exact location to which you saved the file.

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Step 2

Right-click the bad Zip file and select "Extract" from the pull-down menu. A Zip extraction window appears with the bad file listed in the middle.


Step 3

Choose an extraction location for the file and click "Extract." A progress bar appears on the screen. A prompt appears during the extraction stating there is an issue with the file and asking if you want to continue. Select "Yes," and the remainder of the file extracts.



Step 4

Double-click the extracted file to open the contents. Download the Zip file again if the window appears that states the file is corrupt. However, part of the file (or one of the files) may still open and load onto your screen.




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