How to Perform a Dell System Restore

Modern Dell laptops are designed with a built-in feature that restores your laptop's operating system to its original configuration. In essence, it enables you to restore your computer system to the state in which it was shipped. This can be helpful if you are upgrading and giving the laptop to someone else or if you run into problems with the operating system.

A laptop is only as good as its operating system.


Back up all data that you want to save. Once you reformat and restore the computer, all existing data will be completely erased. This includes any email, program files and drivers. Save your Documents folder.


Disconnect all peripherals -- printer, modem, USB -- from the computer, leaving only your monitor, mouse and keyboard.


Reboot your computer. As it boots up, press and hold the "F8" key until you see the Advanced Boot Options menu. If you see the Windows logo appear, restart the computer and try to enter the Advanced Boot Options menu again.

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