How to Ping the NIC Card

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Wireless NIC Cards allow people to connect to wireless networks

Ping is a useful command that allows a user to determine whether different network devices are functioning or not. Ping does nothing diagnose or even identify specific problems. Ping simply sends a signal and lets the user know if there was a response from the device. The user can ping the NIC (network interface card) card to see if it is functioning.


Step 1

Open the command prompt. Press "Start," then click on "Run." Where it says "Open:", type "cmd."

Step 2

Type "ping", then press enter. If the card is installed and functioning, it will send a response back. If there is a problem with the card, there will be an indication that there was no response.

Step 3

Exit the command prompt.

Tip is the loopback address for NIC's. A loopback address allows quick communication by networks and devices back to the NIC.