How to Play a LAN Game on Diablo 2 Without Being Online

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Taking a different approach than the first game in the series, "Diablo 2" was designed with a multiplayer focus. Players take control of one of several character classes as they go in search of evil to defeat and powerful weapons and equipment to loot. The game features an online matchmaking service through Blizzard's service that allows players all over the world to find a game to join. For players looking to play in a more intimate setting, through a local area network, for instance, it is possible to play the game multiplayer without being connected to the Internet.


Step 1

Complete the LAN connections. Use a switch, router or hub to connect the computers together. Alternatively, use a null link or crossover cable to connect two computers directly to each other. Most modern operating systems will detect and configure the LAN automatically. If they do not, refer to your operating system's documentation on how to manually assign IP addresses.


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Step 2

Start the game on the host computer and select "Other Multiplayer," followed by "TCP/IP Game." Write down the IP address displayed at the top of the screen. IP addresses take the form of four series of digits separated by periods, for example, "" If the game does not display an IP address at the top of the screen, then the game is not able to detect a valid LAN connection. Check the connection and settings.


Step 3

Click the "Host Game" button. Create a new character or select a previously saved one from the list. If you choose to create a new character, pick a class to play and assign the character a new name. Once a character is chosen, the game will start.


Step 4

Start "Diablo 2" on the client computers that will be joining the game. Click "Other Multiplayer," followed by "TCP/IP Game." Once on the TCP/IP screen click "Join Game." Enter the IP Address of the host computer, including the periods. If the computers are set up on the LAN correctly, the game will connect with the host computer and allow you to join the game in progress.



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