Why Does It Say I Am Losing My Connection on "Roblox?"

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You may receive error messages when you play "Roblox" if your Internet connection is not fast enough, if you are using an incompatible browser or if your firewall is blocking the "Roblox" application. By learning more about "Roblox" you will gain a better understanding of its requirements and how to get it to connect to your computer smoothly.


"Roblox" Game Server

To play "Roblox," you must first connect to the "Roblox" game server. Once you enter your username and password, your Web browser sends this information to the server, which in turn sends it to a database for verification. You then choose a "Roblox" world to start in and enter the game. Once you begin playing, your computer sends data to the server at all times. If at any time your connection to the server is interrupted, you will receive one of several error messages.


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Connection Error Messages

When you lose connection to the "Roblox" server, your game will freeze and you will see either "Could not connect" or the "ID 14 failure." Both of these error messages mean that your connection to the server timed out. When you lose connection, your computer will continue to send small packets of data to the server in hopes of reestablishing the connection. At this point, you should check your modem or router to ensure that your Internet connection is working properly.


The Firewall

The "Roblox" game server communicates with your computer through digital gateways called "ports." Windows may automatically block "Roblox" from accessing these ports, but you can override this behavior. To do so, click "Start," type "firewall" into the search bar and press "Enter." Click "Inbound Rules" once Windows Firewall opens and then click "New Rule" located on the right-hand side of the window. Click the "Program" radio button and then click "Next." Click the "Browse" button, navigate to the "Roblox" folder in "Program Files" and then double-click "Roblox.exe." Click "Next," click the "Allow connection" radio button and then click "Next" again. Type a name for the new rule and then click "OK."


Supported Browser and Internet Speed

Internet Explorer is the only browser that you can play "Roblox" on. If you attempt to play the game on other browsers, you will experience frequent connection and stability issues. Additionally, while the game will run on a dial-up connection, you may have connectivity problems when you play on large maps. For the most consistent game play, you should play on a broadband or cable connection. If you use your computer to stream video, make video calls or download large files while playing "Roblox," you may experience connection problems as well because all of these activities must share your available bandwidth.