How to Play USB on a TV

Connect USB hardware to your television system.

Although USB is a standard port on most computer systems it is quickly becoming available on other devices, including DVD players and televisions. However, regardless of if your television has an actual USB port installed it is possible to connect USB flash drives or even external hard drive onto the screen. This allows you to view videos and other content saved on the memory device.

Step 1

Look at your television to see if it has a USB port on the rear of the set. The USB port is roughly a half inch wide with a trident icon next to it. If you still aren't sure if the television has a USB port double-check the user manual.

Step 2

Insert the USB drive into the available USB port on the television. Push "Input" on the TV remote control and select "USB." This brings up the USB content on the television screen. This completes your USB connection. However, if you don't have a USB port on the TV continue to the next step.

Step 3

Attach the VGA end of the adapter onto the VGA port of the television. This is around an inch wide and has 9 different pin connectors in the middle of the port.

Step 4

Connect the opposite end of the adapter (the USB end) into the USB device you want connected to the television. Power on the TV, choose "Input," then "VGA" and the USB content appears on the television screen.