How to Print Address Labels on a Mac

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One of the benefits of using a computer is that you're able to save time by printing address labels instead of writing each one out by hand. Whether you're printing address labels or return address labels, using a Macintosh is a time-saving way to accomplish this task. Other than FileMaker Pro, Bento or AppleWorks software, no other programs or add-ons are required.


Step 1

Determine what size labels you want. For standard mailing labels, Avery 5160-compatible labels are the perfect size. The 5160 label comes 30 per sheet. For return-address labels, Avery 5167-compatible labels, which come 80 per sheet, are the best choice.

Step 2

Create a new database in FileMaker Pro by opening the program and selecting "New." Name the file and save it in the folder where you want to keep it.

Step 3

Define the fields. Create these fields: Name, Address 1, Address 2, City, State, Zip. When you're finished, click "OK."


Step 4

Select "Layout" under the View menu. Here is where you choose the template for your labels. Under the Layout menu, select "New Layout/Report." Choose "Labels," and then "Next." Use the pull-down menu to the specify label layout for your labels. Continue through the setup wizard until it's complete.

Step 5

Select "Browse" under the View menu. This is where you enter the data or import it. If you're entering data manually, create a new record for every address. This is accomplished by selecting "New" under the Records menu (or "Apple-R" on your keyboard).


Step 6

Import the data if you're using the data from a file by selecting "Import" under the File menu. The best files for importing are comma-separated value (CSV) files, but other types are supported.

Step 7

Map the fields. Mapping is a fancy term to describe the process of matching the fields on the file you're importing to the fields in your database. Then select "Open," and your data will be imported.

Step 8

Select your label layout on the sidebar, left side of the window, and then select "Apple-U" to preview your labels. Then put your labels in the printer, and select "Print" under the File menu.


You can change the font, size, color and style in the Layout mode. AppleWorks and Bento can also be used to print labels. Use standardized label sizes.


Make sure the labels are straight when printing.


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