How to Protect Your Smartphone From Cell Phone Jammers

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There are ways to protect your smartphone against a cell phone jammer.

If you own a smartphone, you may not know that there are times and places where your phone service can be interrupted without your permission. A cellphone jammer is a piece of equipment that scrambles the signals on a chosen frequency. This scrambling will prevent your smartphone from being able to send and receive signals. If you think that your smartphone is being interrupted illegally, there are a few ways to protect your phone and get around the jammers.


Step 1

Move to a different location. If you believe that your smartphone is being jammed, consider your location. If you are near a government operation or a place where you suspect security is of extreme importance, walk or drive in the opposite direction. Most cell phone jammers are programmed to work within a specified radius. Removing yourself from that radius will protect your smartphone against the jamming.


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Step 2

Destroy the jamming device. If you find yourself in a dangerous situation consider destroying or removing the power source to the cell phone jammer. A cell phone jammer can be contained inside a cabinet, hidden behind a wall or sitting in plain view. The dead giveaway for a cell phone jammer is the antenna.


Step 3

Purchase a smartphone that functions on several frequencies. High-tech cell phone jammers will block many frequencies, but others only block a single frequency. If your phone can function on several frequencies, you can protect against the jammer simply by using a different frequency.


Step 4

Contact law enforcement. Different states and cities have different laws regarding the use of cell phone jammers. Some locations have strict laws against them, while others allow them in only certain locations. If you believe that someone is using a jammer illegally, call the police and see if they can seize the jammer from its owner.



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