How to Lower the SAR Level of a Cell Phone

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All cell phones emit electromagnetic radiation capable of causing tissue damage.

Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) is a measure of the amount of cell phone radiation absorbed in tissue. Specifically, it represents the maximum radiation power emitted by a cell phone and absorbed by a unit mass of tissue. It's generally measured in watts per kilogram of tissue. Different parts of the world have different SAR exposure limits. For example, in Europe the SAR limit is 2 W/kg, while in North America it's 1.6 W/kg. Since SAR depends on the amount of radiation absorbed by the tissues in your head, you can decrease SAR by limiting the cell phone radiation getting into your head.


Step 1

Use an earphone or a headphone with your cell phone whenever possible. The reason is the impact of radiation on head tissues decreases with square of the distance between the cell phone and head. For example, if the SAR value for a cell phone is 1.5 W/kg at a distance of 1 cm from your head, this value would decrease by 400 times at a distance of 20 cm. Note that Bluetooth earphones also emit radiation, so the lowest possible SAR values come from using wired earphones.

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Step 2

Use speakerphones whenever it's practical, for example, while driving. Again, since the SAR value decreases with the square of the distance between your head and the cell phone, keeping the phone away from your head drastically reduces the SAR.


Step 3

Keep calls as short as possible. The longer you keep the phone near your head, the higher the radiation absorbed by head tissues. Refrain from unnecessarily extending your cell phone conversations.

Step 4

Use special head phones that reduce SAR exposure. Such head phones have shielding material. Using specially shielded headphones further reduces the radiation exposure level beyond the distance factor.

Step 5

Avoid using your cell phone where the signal is weak. The reason is that in regions where the signal is weak, the cell phone uses more power to transmit, which means higher radiation exposure.


Step 6

Use EMF blockers whenever possible. These are small pouches that block the cell phone radiation. However, don't completely block the radiation, otherwise the phone won't function at all. These EMF blocking pouches are particularly helpful in decreasing exposure to other body organs.

Step 7

Look up the specifications of your cell phone on the manufacturer's website, for example, and if you find that its SAR value is close to the maximum allowed in your region, buy another phone with lower SAR value. If you are buying a cell phone from another country, make sure that its SAR value corresponds to the limit in your country.

Things You'll Need

  • Earphone

  • Headphone

  • EMF blocker