How to Put Accent Marks on Cell Phones

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Cell phones have different ways to create special characters.
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Sending texts in a foreign language can be challenging, especially considering the accent marks. For French, in particular, the inclusion of a single accent mark on a letter can completely change the meaning of the word. Therefore, using accent marks where appropriate in your text messages is vital. There are several ways you can input accented characters on your phone.


Step 1

Open your text message window and enter your number

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Step 2

Consult your foreign language dictionary, if necessary, to locate the word you want to type.

Step 3

If you're using a phone with only a numerical keypad, press the button containing the base letter you want to type until you reach the letter with the desired accent mark. For example, if you wanted to type "é," you would press 3 repeatedly until "é" appeared, cycling through "d," "e," and "f."



Step 4

Type the punctuation part of the accent you want first if you're using a full keyboard. For example, you would type the apostrophe, then type a lower-case e. The phone's software would conflate these two characters into "é."

Step 5

If your phone has an on-screen touch keyboard, press and hold the letter, then drag to the appropriate symbol and release.



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