How to Rearrange Pages in a Word Document

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Microsoft Office Word allows for word processing and editing with ease. Not only can you input copy according to style-sheet specifics, but you can also change the view of the document according to your needs. For rearranging pages, the outline view is most useful. You activate it at any time during your processing session.


Step 1

Create a Word Document using Word heading styles, which are readymade formatting guidelines. In Word 2003 or earlier, you can access heading styles by clicking "Format" and then "Styles." Then choose the name of the style you would like to use. In Word 2007, choose from the quick styles gallery, located on the Home tab.


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Step 2

Switch to outline view by choosing "Outline" from the View menu. Indentations and outline symbols should appear according to the chosen style heading.

Step 3

Select the text that you would like to use by clicking the plus sign beside the uppermost heading for that section. For an entire page, select the first heading to appear on that page and all text below it will also be selected. To deselect text, click the minus sign.



Step 4

Drag and drop the selected text to a new location in the outline layout.

Step 5

Make sure you save any changes that you are satisfied with while rearranging pages.



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