How to Reboot a Kronos Time Clock

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Kronos was founded on October 31, 1977, and released its first microprocessor-based time clock in 1979. As of January 2011, Kronos employs 3,000 people. Kronos time clocks are used by 30 million people each day. Kronos suggests rebooting the time clocks daily to maintain optimal performance. The current Kronos time clocks offer managers the ability to approve time cards electronically prior to completing payroll. Managerial staff can access the mainframe of the Kronos system and make changes to the entire system.


Step 1

Enter the supervisor user name and password to log in to the Kronos time clock software.

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Step 2

Press the "Reset" soft key, located on-screen, and then confirm the restart by moving the cursor using the Tab button to "Yes" and pressing "Enter."



Step 3

Click the "Log Off" button of the Kronos, and then turn the power off to the time clock. Wait about 30 seconds, and turn the power back on.




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