How to Remove a PowerPoint Watermark

By Paul Higgins

Learn how to remove a watermark from either a single PowerPoint slide or multiple presentation slides.

Remove a text or picture watermark from a PowerPoint presentation by selecting and deleting it. Alternatively, if you added a background watermark to one or several slides, remove it by resetting those slides' background.

Delete a Text or Picture Watermark

Users can add text or watermark pictures on top of existing slides by editing the Slide Master — the template that defines the layout and overall appearance of the individual slides. Conversely, to delete a text or picture watermark, delete it from your presentation's Slide Master.

Step 1

Open the View tab and click the Slide Master icon. After clicking the icon, PowerPoint enters Slide Master view, a special mode that lets you edit your Slide Master and the individual layouts your presentation may use.

Step 2

Click the watermark and press Delete.

Click the text or picture watermark to select it and press the Delete key to remove it.

Step 3

Click Close Master View.

Select Close Master View to save the Slide Master and return to your presentation.

Delete a Background Watermark

Step 1

Select the slide that contains the background watermark you wish to delete.


To remove a background watermark from several slides at once, select the relevant slides in the sidebar by clicking them while holding down the Ctrl key.

Step 2

Click Format Background.

Open the View tab and select Format Background.

Step 3

Click Reset Background.

Click the Reset Background button to remove the background watermark.