How to Delete the Title in Powerpoint

By Nick Peers

Learn how you can delete individual titles from PowerPoint slides or delete placeholder titles from all slides in the presentation.

By default, PowerPoint presentations have at least two placeholder boxes on each slide: the title and body placeholders. You can delete individual titles from the slides or prevent PowerPoint from using placeholder titles by editing the master slides.

Delete Individual Titles

Step 1

Open the presentation you want to edit in PowerPoint, or create a new presentation, and select the slide you want to edit from the left pane. Locate the title at the top of the slide.


  • The default text of placeholder titles is "Click to add title."
  • New slides appear blank in the left pane, even though they contain at least two placeholder boxes.

Step 2

Selecting the title box.

Click the title to switch to editing mode and display the title box -- it has dashed borders. Click one of the dashed borders to select the title box -- the borders change to solid lines when the box is selected.

Press Delete to delete the title.


  • The mouse pointer changes to a 4-way arrow when you mouse over the dashed borders; clicking any of the borders selects the entire title box.
  • You can move the title box by dragging it on the slide. To resize the title box, drag the corner or side handles.

Delete Placeholder Titles From All Slides

Titles are not deleted automatically from existing slides when you edit the master slide; the new layout is only applied to new slides. You can, however, apply the new layout to existing slides manually.

Step 1

Displaying the master slide from the View tab.

Open the presentation in PowerPoint, switch to the View tab and then click the Slide Master button in the Master Views group to view the master slide.

Step 2

Deleting the title placeholder from the master slides.

Select one of the slide layouts from the left pane, select the title box by clicking one of its borders and press Delete to delete it. Unchecking the Title box in the Master Layout group also deletes the title placeholder.

Repeat the process to delete the title placeholders from more slides. Click the Close Master View button in the Close group to save the changes and close the Master Slider view.


  • You can delete any of the placeholders from the slide master.
  • If you want to create a new placeholder, click the arrow below Insert Placeholder in the Master Layout group and select one of the options. Click and drag on the slide to create the placeholder.
  • You can change the text, style or position of any of the placeholders. Use the tools in the Home tab to format the text.

Step 3

Reapplying the layout and removing titles.

Remove the title from existing slides by reapplying the layout. Right-click each slide in the right pane, select Layout from the context menu and then select the new layout from the Office Theme section.


You can reapply the layout to several slides at once, if the slides use the same layout. Select the slides by holding Ctrl and clicking each one and then right-click one of them, select Layout and click the new layout.