How to Remove an Orange Tint From a TV

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If you've noticed an unusual color tint – like a pronounced orange cast – on your TV screen, it's often fairly simple to correct. It could be that your set's color temperature needs a small tweak, or there might be other options that will fix the picture as well. Keep in mind that every TV's settings are different depending on its manufacturer and model. We'll discuss the most common solutions, but you might need to check out your TV's user guide for more details.


Adjusting the Color Temperature

Most modern TVs let you adjust the colors via a control called Color Temperature, which refers to how blue (or cool) or red (or warm) the color palette is. Your first stop should be to look for this control.

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  1. Using your TV's remote control, select the settings and look for a menu item labeled Picture or Video.
  2. Select Color Temperature or a similar control. You should be looking for a slider that lets you choose between warm and cool colors. Perhaps the colors will be labeled more specifically as red and blue.
  3. Use the remote control to slide the setting away from warm/red and towards cool/blue. You'll need to trust your eyes and zero in on a setting that's pleasing to you as you fiddle with the remote.


Adjusting the Hue

A color setting that's closely related to color temperature is called Hue. Like Color Temperature, hue is a slider that varies between two color extremes – in this case, green and red. If you don't like the results you're getting with color temperature, you can try adjusting the hue towards the green extreme as well.

Other Settings

Changing the color temperature and hue is the most direct way to reduce an orange color cast, but your TV might have other ways to fix the display as well. After all, it's important to remember that there's no one perfect setting, and colors are very subjective (especially on an electronic device). What you perceive as "too orange" might be just right for another person. Here are a few things to look for:


  • Check for a setting that returns all TV settings to the default, or factory settings. It's possible that resetting it to the way it arrived when you first purchased the TV will improve the colors, especially if they've been accidentally tweaked over time.
  • Try the various display modes that your TV might have. For example, many modern TVs come with modes like Vivid, Standard, Cinema and Gaming. Some of these modes vary the color temperature and intensity in a way you might find more (or less) pleasing.
  • Other settings like Color and Saturation can affect how you perceive the colors on screen, too. Experiment with them to see if they improve the picture.