How to Remove & Clean a Shield & Screen on a Mitsubishi Projection TV

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Projection televisions such as those from Mitsubishi were the most popular high-definition TV choice before flat screens and plasma units came along. A projection television is called that because the TV is really just a projector set inside a television-shaped box. The projector relays the television image backwards onto a plastic screen. That screen can collect dust on the inside, which will eventually degrade your picture quality. Cleaning the screen alleviates this problem.


Step 1

Remove the plastic shield that surrounds your screen. In most cases, this can be easily popped off by pulling the shield back, straight and evenly. Occasionally the shield is held on by a screw somewhere around the side, usually on the bottom. If this is the case for your Mitsubishi, remove the screw, then pull the shield off.


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Step 2

Remove the bolts on the metal frame that surrounds your screen. Remove these bolts one at a time until the frame loosens. Support the screen as you loosen the bolts, so that the screen doesn't slide free as the frame comes loose. Carefully remove the screen from the television.

Step 3

Spray both sides of the screen with the compressed air, then spray inside the television. Use the static-free rag to wipe off the dust and remove it.

Step 4

Put the screen back in and re-secure the metal frame around it using the screws. Reinstall the shield over the screen.

Things You'll Need

  • Screwdriver

  • Pliers or adjustable wrench

  • Static-free rag

  • Compressed air