How to Remove Disc Labels

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Use isopropyl alcohol to remove disc labels.

CD and DVD labels may help to identify the contents of the disc, but the labels may also interfere with the operation of your car, standalone or computer CD/DVD player due to the extra layer of material causing the disc to rotate irregularly. Label fragments eventually may peel off and clog your CD/DVD player. Disc labels also deteriorate over time and leave a sticky residue on discs. When removing disc labels, you don't want to use a chemical or tool that will damage the disc or leave fragments of the label behind.


Step 1

Place a soft cloth or rag onto a flat surface such as a countertop, desk or table. Place the CD or DVD label side up on cloth.

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Step 2

Pour one cup of isopropyl alcohol into a plastic container. Wear latex gloves to keep your hands from getting wet.

Step 3

Dip a soft cloth or rag into the container of alcohol. Wring out excess alcohol.

Step 4

Lay the damp cloth or rag on top of the disc's label. Press the material into the label and allow it to sit for five minutes.


Step 5

Press and rotate the cloth or rag into the disc's label. You will feel the label starting to move on the disc. Repeat Steps 4 and 5 until the label is free from the disc.


Step 6

Dip a cotton swab into the container of alcohol. Wipe the disc's surface with the alcohol-soaked cotton swab to remove any remaining fragments of the label.

Step 7

Wipe the CD or DVD dry with a clean cloth or rag.

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