How to Burn a DVD Using a VLC

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VLC is not primarily intended for DVD authoring; its burning capabilities are limited.

VLC Media Player is an excellent tool for any video enthusiast. It offers a host of options and features and supports most file formats. Burning a DVD with VLC Media Player is not fully supported. That is, VLC can burn a video file but it must be properly formatted for DVD burning first. The program will not do this for the user. However, once the user has a properly formatted DVD file, the program will easily burn it.


Step 1

Convert the video file into an accepted format. VLC will burn DVDs but will not convert video files into a DVD format. A third-party software like Nero, Adobe Encore or Sony's Media Center Suite will have to handle the conversion. There is also no native Windows or Mac software that will do this. DVDs must be encoded in either PAL (Europe) or NTSC (North America) format.


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Step 2

Open VLC. Select "Options" and enter the name of the DVD video. Select "Add" and use the explorer window to find the converted DVD file. Double-click it to import it to VLC. Select "Hive" as a plug-in. This will create an ISO image that can be read by DVD players.


Step 3

Launch the "CDBurner" plug-in and select "New Compilation." Click on the option "Burn an ISO Image." Select the "Write Disc From ISO File" in the upper left corner of the window and browse for the video file using the navigator. The default destination is "c:\program files\DVD Hive\ISO." Select the writing speed. This should be equal to the write speed of the burner. Insert a blank DVD and click "Write Disc."





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