How to Burn an MP4 to DVD With Ashampoo

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The Ashampoo Burning Studio provides you with the necessary tools to burn files from your computer to a CD, DVD or Blu-ray disc. While the Ashampoo software is more complicated than the native burning tools on your system, burning a digital video, such as an MP4, is a straightforward process. The Ashampoo software is capable of burning a DVD that can be used with other computers or a standalone DVD player.


Step 1

Put a blank DVD into your computer's disc drive.

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Step 2

Close the "AutoPlay" window that opens when the computer recognizes the disc.

Step 3

Click "Start," "All Programs," and then click "Ashampoo Burning Studio."


Step 4

Click the "Burn Movies and Photos" option in the interface that appears. Click the "Create Video DVD" option in the context menu. Click "Next" in the settings screen to use the default video settings. Click "Next" and click "Add Movie."


Step 5

Browse to an MP4 file in the selection window that opens and click the file that you want to burn. Click "Add." Click "Next" to open the menu screen, and click "Next" on the subsequent menu screen.

Step 6

Click "Write DVD" to begin burning the MP4 file to the DVD with Ashampoo.

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