How to Remove Percentage Signs From Excel

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Percentage signs may be removed from number listings in Excel.

A comprehensive spreadsheet program from Microsoft, Excel offers you a variety of data editing, storage and sorting features. Using the formatting features in Excel, you can change the manner in which the data in the cells is displayed. For example, you may change numbers listed in Excel to display as percentages. If you need to change from one number format to another, for example to remove the percentage signs and list a non-formatted number, you can do so in a few short steps.


Step 1

Launch Excel and open the file that contains the cells that you want to change. Select the cells that contain the percentage signs that you want to remove.

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Step 2

Click the Home tab and locate the Number section. Click the "Dialogue Box Launcher" in the lower right corner of the Number section. This action will open a separate pop-up window.


Step 3

Click the Number tab on the Format Cells window. Click the "General" listing in the Category pane. This action will remove the percentage signs and display the number without any formatting.





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