How to Remove the Echo Effect on Fruity Loops

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Fruity Loops' mixer inserts give you the ability to chain effects to your samples and VST (Virtual Studio Technology) instruments. Echo effects, along with tons of other effects, can be applied to mixer inserts to add reverb to your instruments. If you're unfamiliar with mixer inserts or you don't remember how to disable them, an unwanted echo effect can ruin your project. By locating the insert that contains the echo, you can remove the effect from your project.


Step 1

Launch Fruity Loops. Click on the program's "File" heading and then click on the "Open" option to load a project. Click on the "Mixer" button in the Fruity Loops toolbar. The "Mixer" button is denoted by an equalizer icon.

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Step 2

Click on the "Insert" track that contains the echo or delay effect you'd like to remove. If you're unsure which track has the echo, you can locate it by clicking on every occupied track in your project. Tracks with the illuminated "FX" label contain plug-ins and effects.


Step 3

Click on the arrow button next to the echo effect, after you've located the track that contains the effect. Highlight the "Select" option in the pop-up menu that appears and then click on the "None" option to remove the effect. Click on the green light next to the echo effect to disable it rather than remove it.



Step 4

Press the mixer's "X" button to close the utility. Select the "Save" option from the "File" menu to store the changes to your project.




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