How to Use Amplitube in Cubase

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Place IK Multimedia's AmpliTube onto a Steinberg Cubase audio track by assigning it as an insert effect. AmpliTube is a VST(Virtual Studio Technology) plug-in that emulates an assortment of guitar amplifiers, effects processors, and other mastering tools in a virtual studio environment, replacing the need for the hardware devices themselves. Mix between AmpliTube's effect units, pre-amps, speaker cabinets, studio microphones, and post amp rack-mount effects in your Cubase project in under ten minutes of setup.


Step 1

Install your version of IK Multimedia's AmpliTube. Insert your installation disc, or double-click on the EXE installation file, and then select the option to install the software as a "VST Plugin," when prompted by the on-screen instructions. Enter your registration number when it is asked for, then click "OK" when installation is complete.


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Step 2

Launch Cubase and choose an audio or instrument track to add the effect to by clicking it's name with your mouse. Click the "Inserts" button of the inspector window to make the Inserts section visible on both the inserts menu and on the left-side of the editor window for the audio or instrument channel.


Step 3

Choose AmpliTube as the insert effect for the audio or instrument channel. Click on an empty insert effect channel, and select your version of "AmpliTube" from the effects list that appears.


Step 4

Audition the various presets by clicking either the up or down button at the top-left of the AmpliTube screen. The audio or instrument channel with the AmpliTube insert effect added will have the signal processed before being passed to the Master output channel.




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