How to Set Up VST in Studio One

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PreSonus Studio One is a multitrack recording software that has been designed to work with audio interface models. VST, short for "Virtual Studio Technology," instruments or effects are automatically detected upon first startup, but new locations for these plugins can be added manually. Add a new VST by setting its location in Studio One in less than five minutes.


Step 1

Install your VST plugin. Double click the installer file and follow the onscreen instructions to install the VST into your plugin folder. Click and drag the VST's "DLL" file to your VST folder if no installer EXE is included with the software.

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Step 2

Open PreSonus Studio One by double clicking the desktop icon. Alternatively, go to "Start," "All Programs" and "PreSonus," and then select "Studio One" from the pop-up list.


Step 3

Click "File," "Options," "Locations" and "VST Plugins." Then click the "Add" button. Browse for the location of the folder containing the VST instrument or effect you just installed, then click "OK." Studio One will then scan the folder location for VST plugins, adding it to its database.


Step 4

Add a VST instrument to your project. Click "Browse," then select the "Instruments" tab. Click and drag the VST instrument's name onto an empty section of the Arrange view screen. The VST will be added to the existing project, and an instrument track will be automatically created.



Step 5

Add a VST effect to your Studio One project. Click "Browse," then select the "Effects" tab. Click and drag the VST effect's name onto an existing instrument track in the Arrange view screen. The VST effect will be added to the track's signal chain.




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