How to Remove Background Music in FL Studio

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Remove background music from audio recordings that contain either spoken word or song within FL Studio, in order to isolate vocals from the rest of the mix. Vocal isolation refers to the elimination of frequencies other than those that make up the characteristics of the voice itself, using a variety of different effects. EQ filtering, gating and doubling can assist in the vocal isolation process, all of which can be done within FL Studio in a matter of minutes.


Step 1

Add a low-pass filter to the channel's output within FL Studio's mixer, and then sweep to the right and remove any unnecessary frequencies. Click the "Mixer" button at the top of the screen, select the track containing the audio recording, and then click the arrow button in the first slot on the left-hand side of the mixer. Select "Fruity Filter" and select "Lowpass" from the front interface when it appears. Removing lower frequencies will remove sub sounds, such as bass, kick, and other instrument sounds that utilize frequencies lower than the human voice.


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Step 2

Add a high-pass filter to the output chain on the mixer track containing the audio, and then sweep to the left to remove unnecessary high frequencies. Click the arrow button located on the second effects slot and select "Filter," and then select "High-Pass" from the user interface when it appears. All frequencies higher on the frequency range will be removed from the mix using this method.


Step 3

Add a gate effect to the mixer chain. Click the third effects slot, and then select "Fruity Gate" from the list of effects plugins that appear on the pop-up screen. Play the audio recording by pressing "Play" on the transport controls section of FL Studio, and then listen to hear the gating effect over the whole recording.



Step 4

Adjust the "Threshold" slider to the location where the mix between the voice and the background music sounds best. The "Threshold" parameter controls where the effect will be at its maximum.

Step 5

Save the audio piece as a new FL Studio project. Click "File," "Save As," and then enter a name for the file into the "Name" field and press "Enter."




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