How to Install FL Studio Skins

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Image Line's FL Studio software can turn your computer into a virtual music workstation, with its sequencer, synth machines and limitless amount of audio tracks. But after spending hours staring at FL Studio's piano roll, sequencers and plug-ins, a little eye candy can refresh your eyes and rekindle your creativity. And by installing a new skin and background for FL Studio and its components, you can give the program a whole new look and feel.


Step 1

Download your FL Studio skins from an FL Studio customization site, like Trance Pulse or FL Studio Samples. Extract the skins from their ZIP containers. Right-click on a skin file and then select the "Extract All" option from the pop-up menu that appears. Click "Extract" in the next menu.


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Step 2

Click on the "Start" button and then select the "Computer" option from the Start menu. In the Computer menu, click on the icon of the hard drive that contains your FL Studio installation.

Step 3

Open the "Programs" folder, inside of the hard drive's folder directory. Click on the "Image-Line" folder, once inside the Programs folder, and then open the "FL Studio" folder. Open the "Artwork" folder and then open the "Skins" folder.


Step 4

Drag and drop the extracted skin folders into FL Studio's "Skin" folder. Open the "Wallpaper" folder inside of the extracted skin folder. Highlight all of the files inside of the folder. Right-click on the files and then select "Copy."

Step 5

Return to the FL Studio's "Artwork" folder and then open its "Wallpapers" folder. Right-click inside of the folder, and then click "Paste." Close the folders.


Step 6

Start FL Studio -- click on the program's icon on your desktop. Click on FL Studio's "Option" heading and then select the "General Settings" option from the menu that appears.

Step 7

Click on the "Skin" menu box, in the General Settings menu, and then select the skin you'd like to use. Close the General Settings menu.


Step 8

Click on FL Studio's "View" heading. Navigate down the View menu to its "Background" option, and then select the "Set bitmap wallpaper" sub-option.

Step 9

Open your wallpaper, using the file explorer window that appears.

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